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Srpen 2010

My pain, My song- Where are you...

27. srpna 2010 v 20:57 | Annie Lynn |  *Me, myslef and I
What is love? everything...people always do crazy things when they are in love and I'm and I'm doing crazy things too. So I took a pencil and write my feelings on the paper and there are the lyrics of my new song Where are you...

The music will be very easy to sing, but I need a time to prepare it...but there are lyrics...there is what's on my mind...especially for my boyfriend, because he still doesn't know what he mean for me and he doesn't know my pain...

Where are you…
1.    It started so beautiful with the full of love
And now it's the pain and I can't hide.
You are not there and you will not be
I've got empty bed, this you will never see
It will never be the same
You hardly know my name
I can't hardly forgot
I can't stop myself

Chorus 1: Where are you, with your promises
           I don't trust, I don't feel myself.

Chorus 2: Where are you, where are you,
           Where-are- you             (2x)
…with your promises.

You never saw me cry, you never felt my pain
I don't know if you lay or if you don't mind that
Today- Tonight- Today
There is always reason why, you can't come
And afterthat I still cry, but you forget it in a while
Your promises- My pain- Is there     (2x)

Chorus 1: Somebody help me, I can't hide
           Where are you? I'm still in love

Chorus 2: (2x)
It was your fault, it way my fault too
And now I'm asking where the hell are you?

….with your promises
There is something on my mind what I need to tell you, please read it and maybe you will find out what you mean for me and how big is my pain.

Written by Mary, 27th August 2010, 20:52